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Who Built The Humans? is a huge collection of 47 short stories, ranging from mind-bending Science Fiction to searing satire. Alien abductions, time travel, evil crystals, simulation theory, it's all here.

The 47 stories are designed to be read as standalone pieces, but for the devoted fan there are wormholes to discover which turn this massive collection into a 'novelthology,' a weird new hybrid of novella and anthology.


You can read a free preview here.


The Stephanie Glitch is a novel about simulation theory and parallel universes.

After her untimely death, Stephanie awakes in a futuristic new universe. From here she discovers a hierarchy of collapsing realities waiting to be explored, and is told that an inter-dimensional poet is expecting her 'in the universe upstairs'.

Stephanie has a gift that they want to harness, an ability to sense if a reality is real or not. But the cosmos itself wants to stop her.

You can pre-order TSG now on Amazon


Hologram Kebab is WBTH's weird younger sibling. It's a smaller collection of science fiction and satire, and is designed to look more like a regular short story collection. As well as new work, it includes some unseen stories that just wouldn't fit in WBTH, and some new appearances for old characters. If you're wondering what happened to Tin foil Tim, this is your answer.

Although HK is not yet available for pre-order, FREE review copies will be available soon. Sign up to Phillip's newsletter to be the first to know!


“An amazing book. I loved how some of the short stores were thought provoking and others were satirical. The different universes were all very interesting and the god stories made me laugh out loud.”


 Phillip CarteR 

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Phillip Carter started writing when he was 5 years old, creating terrible rhyming poetry that he would later recite in his mid 20s whilst on a night out with his poetry professor. Since then Phillip has focused on polishing and publishing his books, creating worlds that blend thoughtful science fiction with dark satire.

The poetry follows this same philosophy. It is either about our relationship with the cosmos, or simply about something Phillip found funny. Sometimes it can be both, especially the poems about erotic alien abductions.

Phillip is also a writing coach and publisher, and sometimes fancies himself as a comedian, but he isn't one.

You can support Phillip's work directly by buying his books or by following his Substack blog, where you will find free short stories beamed into your inbox.


You can support Phillip financially through Ko-Fi or Patreon. The money will be used to fund Halfplanet Press and other projects.


Phillip is known as Paisleyprintauthor on most platforms. This is simply because he is an author that likes paisley print, and because there are numerous Phillip Carters he wanted to differentiate himself from. Below is a link to his Linktree, which is kept up to date with any new events and posts.


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