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Strange Stories with
Phillip Carter


'Strange Stories' is my podcast which champions the strange and humorous. Its goal is to make you laugh slightly before making you think. Each episode will feature a professional in their field (writing, comedy, physics, etc) and will ask them weird or difficult questions until funny, smart answers fall out of them.

Eventually I will tie this into my* radio show at fabradiointernational.com but I am still working on that. It's going to be weird. You can check out the radio show at 7pm UK time.

But the podcast is available whenever.

You can subscribe to my podcast here. My Patrons will also get behind-the-scenes photos from my preamble interviews (unrecorded prep interviews with my guests)

*I'm the co-host, I don't want to gloss over my much more experienced co-host Stephen, who is the reason the radio show is happening, but it helped the sentence flow better.

Hi Stephen.