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Phillip is the host of Captain Carter's Friday night podcast, a podcast which mixes science, improv comedy and guest appearances to bring you a weird new perspective on the world. If you want to be a guest, click the Contact button on the main menu!

Click here for the podcast


The Stephanie Glitch is a novel about simulation theory and parallel universes.

After her untimely death, Stephanie is awoken in a futuristic new universe. From here she discovers a hierarchy of collapsing realities waiting to be explored, and is told that an inter-dimensional poet is expecting her 'in the universe upstairs'.

Stephanie has a gift that they want to harness, an ability to sense if a reality is real or not. But the cosmos itself wants to stop her.

You can pre-order TSG now on Amazon, or join the Kickstarter to fund the paperback.


Who Built The Humans? is a novel-length collection of interconnected short stories. The 47 stories take place in 11 distinct universes, creating a 'novelthology' that is both mindbending and hilarious.

It was first published in late 2020, and is being relaunched in 2022 now that the author can yell its stories outside again.


Hologram Kebab is WBTH's weird younger sibling. The stories within do not click together like pieces of a vast cosmic puzzle this time, but instead use their comparative freedom to push into new worlds. That said, there are some returning characters that fans of WBTH will recognize.

Although HK is not yet available for pre-order, you can get your hands on a FREE copy by writing a review of Who Built The Humans? on its Amazon page, then sending a screenshot as proof to Halfplanetpress@gmail.com or @Whobuiltthehumans on instagram.