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A trilogy of novels designed for easy reading and mindbending re-reading, the Earthloop Trilogy is my next big project. At the time of writing it is 27% funded on Kickstarter within its first week.

It's an X-FILES inspired Time Travel adventure that gets darker and weirder with each new chapter.

The story follows Nori Furukawa as he reinvents the time machine and loops back through history, inadvertently becoming a pawn in an intertemporal game of chess between Lax Morales* and an alien overlord called Fixer. The trilogy is filled with alien abductions, dark twists, looping stories and zany characters.

In fact, Lax Morales shows up three times. Each book in the trilogy starts on the same day, but each follows a new incarnation of your favourite interdimensional arthropod.

You can click here for a free sample

or click here for the Kickstarter

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*Some of you may remember Lax and Nori from Who Built The Humans. This is a new universe based on the Furukawa universe in WBTH, you don't need one to enjoy the other, they exist independently, as do all my books.