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The story machine


The Story Machine (from outer space) is my way of getting other authors noticed. It is an arcade pod dispenser with room in each pod for a 35 word microfiction.

These stories will be exclusive to the Story Machine, meaning they won't ever be found again elsewhere. It's like an NFT, but not shit,* so your story pod is something special.

The Story Machine made its physical debut at Manchester ComicCon 2022. The end goal for the project is to have multiple machines on one book stall, each representing a genre. Poetry and randomised dice are two ideas I am currently working on as of July 2022.

There's room for a QR code too. Mine leads to a secret page of this website. Others' QR codes have taken readers to twitter and wattpad pages.

The idea behind it is to give something entertaining and valuable to a reader, and to provide an author with a cost effective way to sneak into a convention, even if they can't physically be there themselves.

The Story Machine has a life of its own, and might soon have its own social media. Eventually, it will have an online presence too. I'm working on coding that as we speak.

It will feature at Edinburgh international literature festival 2023.

Much like my podcast, my goal for the Story Machine is to make something that becomes its own platform for helping previously unseen authors become seen.

*"It's like an NFT, but not shit" is a phrase I coined in 2022 to advertise the stories. It was very effective at ComicCon. Anyone using a variation of this is an unwashed, unloved theif who probably can't make a decent sandwich even with a tutorial playing in the background.

The Story Machine is my original idea, invented some time in 2019 but properly manifested in 2022. Any others you find out there in the writing world are derivative of mine.

I am still the only person putting in the time to represent other authors in my machine. For me, this is not an opportunity to make more money but something that should help my weird sci-fi poet friends.