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Thank you for taking part in the STORY MACHINE project. Here are some major spoilers from my next few books and my top secret business plans. Don't lose this address, because I plan to add another secret here eventually.

1. I am taking Halfplanet Press to San Deigo comiccon one year, but before then, we have FOR THE LOVE OF SCIFI 2022 and 2023, where I will be sharing stories by other writers. You could be one of them.

2.'The Stephanie Glitch' takes place before the events of 'Earthloop' and will eventually connect it to a larger multiverse.

3. In 'The Planet Thieves', Earthloop's third installment, it will be revealed that Lax Morales once met Stephanie. It gets weird.

4. I am currently applying for a business loan to make a weird bookstore. I will build a replica time machine inside the bookstore.

If you're interested in being a short story writer for THE STORY MACHINE, subscribe to my newsletter. I'll post about it when it happens.